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Visiting St Martin/Sint Maarten After Hurricane Irma

Should you visit St Martin island after Hurricane Irma?
Heck yes!
5  fun things to do after the hurricane recovery on our turquoise jewel of a tropical Paradise.
What is  it like to visit St. Martin Today, one  and a half years after Hurricane Irma
About Irma the details
Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the wicked category 5 sister storms, hit most of the Caribbean islands within one week of each other. Irma on Sept 6 and  Maria on /sept 20. Irma devastated the island of St. Martin. The sea rose 15 feet, inundating all beaches, ripping apart the coral reefs, tearing through all beach front properties and creating a human disaster of drownings. She hit the island dead on with frightening sustained winds of 220 miles per hour. Maria tore through the island a week later dumping torrential rains on the open roofs  and compromised island homes and businesses.
The force of the storm tore down high rises, took...
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