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Hemp Explained

Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana are not the same thing. Hemp and Marijuana come from the Cannabis plant species, but they have distinct differences in biological structures and functions.

Our hemp oil is *free of THC*. It was important to Z-Blends to offer a product with no psychoactive effects so that you could live your day as you would normally, while bettering it. Grown and Processed

Z-Blends' hemp is organically grown in the United States. without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation.

Are you zealously fit life?

Check out our Z Bends Hemp Oil page to discover the amazing health benefits of Zurvita's s newest CBD oils, a family of offerings. I'm enjoying great results using CBD to help reduce pain and inflammation.

I'd love to share Zurvita products with you. Please e-mail me if you'd like to find out more or click on the videos below. In the link, you can learn about Zurvita, purchase Zeal, or join my team of zealous independent consultants!

Many of my peers are struggling. They often ask me my secret.

Looking forward to sharing it with you,

Z-Blends Hemp Oils


The Science Behind Z-Blends Hemp Oils



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